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John Paulson and George Soros Amasses More Gold!

                  During the second quarter of this year two of the most notable billionaires, Paulson and Soros amassed large quantities of gold.  Over the past few years we have increasingly seen more … Continue reading

The Best Picture of How Large the Derivative Market Is!

This article is a repost from  I felt it was extremely helpful for us to understand just how large the derivative market is. 1 Trillion Dollars $1,000,000,000,000 – When they throw around the word “Trillion” like it is nothing, this … Continue reading

South Carolina Takes the Next Step Towards a Gold Standard!

Last year Utah took a historical step and made gold and silver legal tender in their state.  This was the first step of its kind and showed how Utah has lost faith in the dollar. This week South Carolina took … Continue reading

The Chart In Favor of Silver Manipulation

One of the ways that the silver price is manipulated is through the paper exchanges themselves.  There are far more silver paper contracts that there are physical ounces.  Despite this many investors ask, “Isn’t it normal to have such a … Continue reading

The Next Subprime Crisis: Student Loans?

In 2008, it was the subprime mortgage sector that unleashed the financial crisis.  With the stock market at nearly the same level as it was in 2008, many investors question whether it can continue to rise so swiftly.  Undeniably most … Continue reading

When is QE3 Likely to Take Place?

This morning both gold and silver took a pretty major jump as the dollar took a dive.  Why did the dollar dive?  Ben Bernanke spoke at a National Association for Business Economics meeting this morning in which he made the following … Continue reading

Turkey Encourages Gold to Be Returned Home

While Ben Bernanke may think gold is not money nearly every other country says otherwise by either their words or actions.  This week Turkey was one of those countries.  Right now Turkey is in a huge financial scrape.  They are … Continue reading

Should I Buy Junk Silver?

This is question many investors have considered when deciding what kind of silver to purchase.  At Lone Star Bullion, we believe it is critical that investors consider their financial goals and reasons for investing in gold and silver to determine … Continue reading

Municipality Defaults in 2012 or the Near Future?

In 2010, Meredith Whitney came on 60 minutes predicting a full-scale municipal bond defaults that would take place.  She predicted that the defaults would happen in 2010 and her predictions did not come about.  However, Whitney’s overall point is spot … Continue reading

When is QE3 Coming?

This is a question that nearly every investor regardless of whether they are investing in gold, silver, other commodities, or the stock market are asking.   Many economists have predicted from the beginning of the year that we would at least … Continue reading

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