Monthly Archives: November 2011

China Cuts Banks Reserve Requirements by 50 Basis Points!

Today China also cut their bank’s reserve requirements by 50 basis points.  The general idea behind such a move is that if China cuts the size of the reserve its banks have to keep than the banks will take the … Continue reading

Could the Eurozone Collapse in 10 Days?

The Eurozone is quickly approaching the edge of the cliff.  Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and, Belgium are all in a mess right now.  Some experts claim that it could have as little as 10 days before it collapses.  There are … Continue reading

US Crosses Over the $15 TRILLION Debt Line!!!

    Yesterday, November 16th, 2011, the United States finally crossed over the $15 Trillion debt mark.  More importantly, on Halloween night, the U.S. crossed over the 100% debt/GDP ratio!     For most Americans, this brought little alarm because … Continue reading

US Debt Potentially Downgraded by the Chinese!

         In the face of the massive economic crisis in Europe, it is very easy to forget that there is an even larger economic elephant in the room.  However, recent action by the Chinese has once again … Continue reading

How does the Italian economy affect gold and silver?

           Italy continues to plunge deeper and deeper into an economic pit that it cannot dig itself out of.  As of yesterday, Italy’s 10-year bonds rose to 7.25% interest well over the 6.6% that is commonly … Continue reading

Progress Report on the Crisis in Europe

                                 For investors attempting to follow the shenanigans in Europe, it can be very difficult at times to understand what exactly is happening and how … Continue reading