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Practical Bull: David Morgan Battles Precious Metals Bears Exclusive

In the third Show of Practical Bull, David Morgan is put into the hot seat to take on the toughest arguments against precious metals. With David entering the intellectual boxing ring, we want to know whether you thought the Precious … Continue reading

2nd Episode of Practical Bull: The Real Truth About QE3 with Jim Willie!

In the second episode of Practical Bull Radio, host Josh Renfro talks to CEO Erik Weir of WCM Global Wealthabout the lost decade and how investing in bear markets require very different strategies from the 1980’s and 1990’s. In the … Continue reading

The Practical Bull Weekly Radio Show Launched!

In the first episode of Practical Bull Radio, host Josh Renfro talks economics with Financial Strategist, Andy Sutton of Sutton & Associates. Then, Mike Niehuser, founder of Beacon Rock Research & regular contributor to Practical Bull, speaks with Balmoral Resources … Continue reading

John Paulson and George Soros Amasses More Gold!

                  During the second quarter of this year two of the most notable billionaires, Paulson and Soros amassed large quantities of gold.  Over the past few years we have increasingly seen more … Continue reading

SSIWR: Finland Considering Leaving the EU?

Finland’s Prime Minister came out this morning in an interview and made some very important statements regarding leaving the EU.  In this weeks Strategic Silver Investor Weekly Report we discuss the impacts of an EU break up on the broader … Continue reading

SSIWR: Where does the latest European Summit Leave Us?

On this weeks SSIWR, we discuss the impact of last week European Summit and what effect it is likely to have.  Was it the catalytic event that we have been waiting for to change the momentum of gold, silver, and … Continue reading

SSIWR: Where Does the Federal Reserve Meeting Leave US?

This week we discuss the impact of the Federal Open Markets Committee Meeting and where this leaves the gold and silver market as well the market in general.  We also discuss some of China and Russia’s latest moves in regard … Continue reading

SSIWR: So What Happens on June 1st?

This week we discuss silver’s current position, the dollar flag pattern, June 1st, additional QE and how all of these things are continuing to progress.

SSIWR: The European Stability Mechanism and the Future of Gold and Silver!

This week we discuss the very important formation of the European Stability Mechanism. This entity is getting very little attention in the media, but the implications of its potential formation are enormous.

The Best Picture of How Large the Derivative Market Is!

This article is a repost from  I felt it was extremely helpful for us to understand just how large the derivative market is. 1 Trillion Dollars $1,000,000,000,000 – When they throw around the word “Trillion” like it is nothing, this … Continue reading

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