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The World Reserve Currency and the Iranian Sanctions

Many Americans think the United States in invincible and regardless of how much money we spend, borrow, and print that there won’t be any drastic consequences.  It’s as if they believe there is a magical power that protects the United … Continue reading

Houston Gold Exchange

Many precious metals investors in Houston are not sure whether they should own a higher percentage of gold or silver or whether they should do a Houston gold exchange.  Is gold or silver a better investment? Houston Gold Exchange Great … Continue reading

SSI Weekly Report: QE3 and Central Banks Buy 558% More Gold in 2011

This week we discuss the 13% increase in silver over the past two weeks. We also discuss the Federal Reserve meeting this last week and how it is a major game changer in the disposition of the Federal Reserve. Effectively … Continue reading

Where to Buy Gold in Houston

Where to buy gold in Houston?  Should I even consider buying gold coins locally or should I buy them with an online company?  These are all questions that gold and silver investors should ask.  Advantage to Buying Gold in Houston … Continue reading

Central Banks Buy Gold

As we enter 2012, we need to look back and realize that we are exiting a historic year for gold specifically.  Central banks bought record amounts of gold to hold as a reserve this year. GFMS estimated net central bank … Continue reading

Gold and Silver Exchange in Houston

Many precious metals investors in Houston are not sure whether they should own a higher percentage of gold or silver or whether they should do a gold and silver exchange in Houston. Is gold or silver a better investment? Gold … Continue reading

Should Investors Buy Numismatic Coins or Deal with Numismatic Exchanges?

When investors consider investing in numismatic coins versus bullion, it is difficult to choose between the two.  When I was first considering whether to invest in numismatics or bullion I went to the Houston Numismatic Exchange and the Houston Gold … Continue reading

Investing in Silver: One of the Best Investments Over the Next Decade

Will silver be the best investment over the next decade?  This is a question many silver investors have asked and while it is difficult to say whether it will beat every single investment, there is no question that it will … Continue reading

“Why Invest in Silver?” The Massive Above Ground Silver Shortage

At the dawn of the technology revolution in the 1970’s and 1980’s, there was a massive increase in the industrial demand for silver.  Today, total demand for silver is between 800 million and 1 Billion ounces per year and nearly … Continue reading

“Why Invest in Silver?” Reason #3: The Industrial Uses of Silver

           Many silver investors think that silver is merely a hedge against inflation or money.  While this has been largely true, since the start of the technology age in the 1970’s, this historical pattern has changed. … Continue reading

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