Monthly Archives: August 2011

China Downgrades US Debt

While most of the world was looking at the S&P and the downgrade of US debt, China made a move, which is far more important towards the United States in the long run.  Dagong Global Credit Rating, the major credit … Continue reading

The Stock Market is Falling and the Decoupling of Gold and Silver

           In the last three weeks, the DJIA has dropped over 2100 points.  That is a 16.4% drop in three weeks.  After QE2 at the end of June, the market has been extremely unstable and with … Continue reading

The Importance of the Historical Ratio of Gold and Silver

  Today, gold is at $1615 and silver is at $40 an ounce.  This is a ratio of 40 ounces of silver to one ounce of gold.  So what is wrong with this picture?  The only way to see through … Continue reading