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Lone Star Bullion Silver and Gold Exchange

  Lone Star Bullion is the premier U.S. supplier for precious metals. With offices in Houston and San Antonio, we offer our silver and gold exchange services to investors from throughout the country. There are few better ways to protect, preserve, and diversify wealth than with precious metals. However, you should not buy them from just anyone. A fast-growing dealer that offers personalized service throughout a convenient and secure process is the one to choose. Our experts have developed strong relationships with primary suppliers through their years of experience. The foundation of Lone Star Bullion is characterized by competitive pricing, sound advice, and excellent service. Established during one of the most difficult economic periods in history, Lone Star Bullion has already serviced millions of dollars in transactions. By maintaining a focus on both individual investors and financial professionals, we are able to handle transactions of all sizes.

Gold-Silver Investing

There are several ways to invest in gold and silver. Bullion, coins, and IRAs are three of the most popular and Lone Star Bullion deals with each of these. People who have an unlimited limited budget should consider an investment in gold and silver. For some investors only silver may be a feasible choice for those with less cash to spare. Whether they are looking for gold bullion or Silver Eagle distributors, Houston and San Antonio residents will find what they are looking for, and much more, when dealing with Lone Star Bullion.

Competitive gold and silver prices offered by Lone Star Bullion typically result in customers paying 1 to 7 percent less than they would elsewhere for bullion coins made from silver or gold. Silver and gold bars are just as competitively priced, representing a substantial savings from other local dealers. Service does not end with low prices, as Lone Star Bullion will act as a financial advisor, helping customers to establish investment goals and determine the quantity and type of precious metal to include within their financial portfolio. Some investors are only able to acquire precious metals through a retirement account. To accommodate this need, Lone Star Bullion, in partnership with Sterling Trust Company, offers a gold and silver IRA. Purchases through this IRA are not purchases of paper silver or gold. Silver and gold in physical form are bought and held by Sterling Trust Company until the investor decides to make an IRA withdrawal. At that time, the investor may request physical delivery of the precious metals owned.

Why Choose Lone Star Bullion?

As precious metals, gold and silver come in many forms. When gold or silver bars or coins are owned or traded for the value of their metal content, they are referred to as bullion. A numismatic gold or silver coin features an additional value, often due to rarity, and trades at a premium that exceeds the current gold or silver price. At Lone Star Bullion, we feel that bullion is the wisest investment and we offer it in both coin and bar form. Coins that are smaller and commonly recognized, such as the American Silver Eagle and one ounce gold or silver coins are the best investments when bartering, trading, or using the coins as money. Lone Star Bullion is one of the major Silver Eagle distributors in the region. We recognize that Silver Eagles, Gold Eagles, and Gold Buffalos are investor favorites. For investors wishing to trade in larger amounts of precious metals, we offer gold and silver bullion bars. Silver prices and gold prices are poised to reach record highs in the near future. There are plenty of coin shops in San Antonio and Houston, but their customers generally pay more for gold and silver bullion coins. Lone Star Bullion prices tend to be lower and our company offers value-added services. As our customer, you may place bullion coin or bar orders over the phone and our hedging system allows you to take advantage of declines in gold prices and silver prices. Consider this before heading to a San Antonio or Houston coin shop. Lone Star Bullion streamlines the gold and silver fulfillment process, offering convenient pickup, free shipping and insurance for large purchases, and personal door-to-door delivery for the largest orders. The experience does not end hereā€¦the experts with Lone Star Bullion provide financial advice with every transaction. Depending on your investment expertise, this may include education regarding precious metal fundamentals, creating investment goals, determining the correct mix of gold and silver within the portfolio, or developing an exit strategy. Hundreds of San Antonio and Houston residents have made investments in silver and gold with Lone Star Bullion–you are in good company.  

When you think Precious Metals, think Lone Star Bullion.