Gold and Silver IRA

For some investors, the only option for investing in precious metals is through their retirement accounts: IRA, Roth IRA, 401k, etc.  However, there are significant problems with purchasing through ETFs and other paper based gold and silver options.  That is why Lone Star Bullion has rolled out our IRA program.  Lone Star Bullion has developed a strategic partnership with Sterling Trust Company.  When a customer of Lone Star Bullion decides to purchase gold or silver within their IRA, they are not purchasing paper silver or gold.  After their account is setup, the client places his order with Lone Star Bullion.  After this is done an invoice will be sent to Sterling Trust Company.  From there, Sterling will send us the funds and then the physical metal is sent to Sterling Trust Company, where it is stored until the investor chooses to withdraw funds from their IRA.  At that point they can request physical delivery of the precious metalsHow Does the IRA Process Work?

Step 1:

Open an IRA account with Sterling Trust with the application found here:  Next, choose the precious metals option in section 5.  Then, make sure you fund your IRA account with a check or bank wire from your personal funds, or from your existing IRA account.

Step 2:

Once your new account with Sterling Trust, place an order with us for the precious metals coins/bars you would like to buy.  We will send you an invoice for your order, and then you sign that invoice and return it to us or send it directly to Sterling Trust at

Step 3:

Once Sterling Trust receives the signed invoice from you, Sterling will pay us for your order, and we will ship your metals to Sterling Trust depository in your name.  You’re done!

List of IRA Acceptable Items:


  •  Austrian Kangarro/Nugget Coins
  •  Various other Comex-approved bars/coins


  •  Australian Kangarro/Nugget Coins
  •  Mexican Libertad Coins
  •  Various other Comex-approved bars/coins