Our History

Lone Star Bullion was established with the comprehensive goal to meet the precious metals needs of investors across the United States. Lone Star Bullion established its first office in Houston, TX in August of 2009 and now has a Lone Star representaive in San Antonio. Our future plans include establishing local branches in Dallas, Austin, and Atlanta, GA. With a focus in gold and silver bullion, Lone Star Bullion understands the unique concerns of investors in volatile economic times. Lone Star Bullion has helped investors in purchasing millions of dollars in gold and silver bullion. Our clients range from the individual investor to financial professionals referring dozens of their own clients to our services.  

Our Mission

Lone Star Bullion was launched with the desire to help investors make strategic investment decisions for the 21st century.  Frustrated by the premiums and lack of  expertise at local coin shops in Houston  and traditional investment firms, we wanted to establish a place where customers could receive competitive rates, exceptional customer service, and competent counsel. Our goal was to not simply be a company where you can buy precious metals, but a one-stop shop for all your precious metals needs. We wanted to provide competitive pricing by leveraging millions of dollars in purchasing power with relationships to first-line distributors, competent knowledge of both the precious metals industry and the broader economy, and exceptional customer service.  We now buy and sell almost every form of precious metal bullion, serve clients across the United States, and have local operations in both Houston and San Antonio, Texas.”  

Why Buy from Our Silver and Gold Exchange?

Here at Lone Star Bullion, we believe buying precious metals should be a safe, easy process where you can trust the company with whom you are working. Our integrity and service are always our first priority, and we passionately seek to exceed the expectations of every client we serve through the three pillars of our company. Competitive Pricing – As a family owned and operated business, Lone Star Bullion combines low overhead, a debt-free business model, an experienced management team, and excellent wholesale connections to get the lowest prices possible for you, our client. In Houston and San Antonio, we easily beat local coins shops and dealers in price, in many cases by as much as seven percent! Additionally, Lone Star Bullion has a strategic hedging system that allows us to charge consistent premiums during both major rises in price and more importantly, during the drops.

Most coin shops, and many local dealers, buy most of their inventory from the public without hedging software. This means they have to sell the silver and gold above their buying price. Therefore, if a coin shop buys silver at $45 and the price falls to $30, they still need to sell it above $45 to make a profit. At Lone Star Bullion, we can always sell at a consistent premium because of our hedging system.

Investment Consultations – We look at clients as partners rather than commissions. We do not simply sell you a product, but also educate, advise, and walk you through each purchase by examining the investment time frame, goals, and circumstances. We seek to provide you with an education that will help make this and future investments more purposeful. First, we provide financial education through our blog. In addition to multiple articles and videos posted each week, Lone Star Bullion publishes a weekly video blog called the Strategic Silver Investor Weekly Report. This video blog outlines the economic events of the week and how they affect the price of precious metals both in the long and short-term. This is a way for investors to keep up with economic news is about five minutes a week.

Additionally, Lone Star Bullion provides investment consultations to its clients to help them determine whether to invest in gold or silver, the percentage breakdown, and the type of gold or silver to purchase. Finally, we help educate clients by simply answering any all questions they have about gold and silver investing.

Exemplary Customer Service– We will answer any questions we can about the different kinds of precious metals our clients are interested in purchasing. Additionally, we make the delivery of these precious metals purchases easy. Anyone ordering over $25,000 in precious metals from our silver and gold exchange will have the option of having the purchase personally delivered to their home or work place. If there is ever anything we can do to assist you before, during, or after your transaction with our silver and gold exchange, know that we are just a phone call away. Our normal business hours are 8AM-5PM, Central Standard Time, Monday-Saturday. If you have a question outside or normal business hours, feel free to give our president, Paul Renfro, a call at 713-855-4038. For orders of at least 500 oz of silver or 20 oz of gold, we offer free shipping and insurance. We will guarantee the order from door to door. In other words, there is no risk of loss during the delivery process until you sign for your package. (See our FAQ page for more details.) We ship everything in non-descript packaging through traditional carriers, such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx, keeping the entire process safe and reliable.   Things that Lone Star Bullion does not do: 1. We do not hard sell our products and solutions. If you do not believe in the long-term future of precious metals, you are not pressed to buy from our silver and gold exchange. Our goal is not to strong-arm anyone into a particular investment strategy – we are here to provide strategic, asset-based
 alternatives to traditional market investments. However, we realize that not all opportunities are for everyone, regardless of the potential profit. 2. We do not buy or sell securities, and we are not a brokerage house. We sell physical assets only. Of course, precious metals are based closely on the commodities markets and prices will vary daily as the prices of gold and silver rise and fall, but we do not sell securities and we are not registered financial representatives.