Monthly Archives: April 2012

SSIWR: The European Stability Mechanism and the Future of Gold and Silver!

This week we discuss the very important formation of the European Stability Mechanism. This entity is getting very little attention in the media, but the implications of its potential formation are enormous.

The Best Picture of How Large the Derivative Market Is!

This article is a repost from  I felt it was extremely helpful for us to understand just how large the derivative market is. 1 Trillion Dollars $1,000,000,000,000 – When they throw around the word “Trillion” like it is nothing, this … Continue reading

SSIWR: Understanding Where We are In the Gold and Silver Market

This week market movement was relatively uneventful.  So we took this opportunity to take a step back and look at exactly where we are in the gold and silver market.

SSIWR: Why Did Silver Fall Last Week?

This week we discuss why silver and gold fell and the inconsistent communication of the Federal Reserve.  We also discuss why silver and gold did not fall to the bottom of the natural channel.

South Carolina Takes the Next Step Towards a Gold Standard!

Last year Utah took a historical step and made gold and silver legal tender in their state.  This was the first step of its kind and showed how Utah has lost faith in the dollar. This week South Carolina took … Continue reading

SSIWR: What is the Bottom of the Gold and Silver Correction and the Best Entry Point?

Silver currently stands at $32.38 and gold is at $1669.  The question every investor is asking is where is the bottom and what is a good target price to buy at.  These are important question that we discuss this week.