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102,500,000 Paper Silver Ounces Dumped on the Market in 7 Minutes!

We are starting to see more strength in silver than arguably ever before.  Late last week silver was getting dangerously close to breaking above $35.50 an ounce which would have launched silver to the next major resistance point at $40 … Continue reading

Will the Government Confiscate Gold?

  Gold Confiscation: Executive Order 6102       This is a one of the most important questions asked by gold and silver investors.  This question is largely asked because of what gold and silver investor have heard concerning Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Executive … Continue reading

How Much Debt Does Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Spain Owe?

€100 Euros €10,000 Euros €1 Million €10 Million   €100 Million €560 Billion borrowed by the governments of Greece, Spain, Ireland Portugal, and Italy from banks.  It is important to note this is only a portion of their debt.  €2.91 Trillion Borrowed … Continue reading

Is There Silver Price Manipulation?

Are gold and silver prices manipulated? The answer is a resounding yes. Silver is traded around the clock and around world in the commodity markets of New York, Chicago, London, Zurich, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Sydney. The trading of … Continue reading

Bank of England Authorizes Another £50 Billion in Quantitative Easing!

Bank of England Quantitative Easing I have said over and over again that this year will be a year with an extrordinary amount of quantitative easing and government stimulus.  As a result of this it will be one of the … Continue reading

An Unbelievable History of World Debt!

Massive International Debt Crisis A picture is worth a thousand words and this particular one is worth a couple of Trillion dollars.  I thought this map was incredibly important.  Most Americans have no understanding of how much debt the world … Continue reading

Pimpco’s El-Erian Gives Gold a “Thumbs Up”

The Past “Snubbing” of Silver and Gold Investing Many individuals have snubbed their noses when it comes to gold and silver investing over the last couple of years.  They have pointed at all the major mutual funds and other economists … Continue reading

Ben Bernanke Says the US Could Be Greece!

Ben Bernanke said in testimony before congress basically that if the United States did not change their fiscal path they would be in Greece’s situation. Bernanke said, “Even the prospect of unsustainable deficits has costs, including an increased possibility of … Continue reading

Where to Buy Silver in Houston

Where to buy Silver in Houston?  Should I even consider buying silver coins locally or should I buy them with an online company?  These are all questions that gold and silver investors should ask.  Advantages of Buying Silver in Houston … Continue reading

Buy American Silver Eagles in Houston and San Antonio

The American Silver Eagle is one of the most desired bullion coins in the world.  During it first year of minting in 1986, nearly seven million coins were sold, but by 2010 over thirty five million coins were purchased with … Continue reading