Misc. Gold Coins

Misc. Gold Coins

Gold British Sovereign
Specifications Price Shipping & Handling
Gold Content: 1 Troy Oz 1-19 oz: Call for pricing and availability 1-19 oz: Call for price
Total Weight: 1 Troy Oz 20 oz: Call for pricing and availability 20+ oz: Free shipping
Fineness: .999 Call for discount on larger quantities  


In addition to popular gold bullion coins like the Kruggerrand, Maple Leaf, Eagle, or Philharmonic, there are a variety of other gold bullion coins bought and sold around the world.

The British Sovereign gold coin weighs roughly one quarter of an oz, and has been used around the world since the late 1800’s. Though not as popular in America today, the British Sovereign gold coin was used through the British Empire for decades.

The Austrian and Hungarian 100 Corona gold coins are a popular gold coin for investors wanting gold at very low premiums over the spot price. These coins are no longer minted, but are still held by many investors who appreciate lower price gold coins.

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