What Makes Lone Star Bullion Different Than Any Other Company in Houston?

Rock Bottom Pricing – As a family owned and operated business, Lone Star Bullion combines low overhead, a debt-free business model, an experienced management team, and excellent wholesale connections to get the lowest prices possible for you, our client. When compared to local coin shops, Lone Star Bullion is on average 2-10% cheaper.

Exceptional Advice – We look at clients as people rather than commissions. We do not simply sell you a product, but also educate, advise, and walk you through each purchase by examining the investment time frame, goals, and circumstances.  We provide financial education through our blog. In addition to multiple articles and videos posted each week, Lone Star Bullion publishes a weekly video blog called the Strategic Silver Investor Weekly Report, a video blog that outlines the economic events of the week and how they affect the price of precious metals both in the long and short-term.

Exemplary Service – We will answer any questions we can about the different kinds of precious metals our clients are interested in purchasing. Additionally, we make the delivery of these precious metals purchases easy. Anyone ordering over $25,000 in precious metals from our silver and gold exchange will have the option of having the purchase personally delivered to their home or work place.

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Learn Why Silver May Be One of the Best Investments Over the Next Decade:

Lone Star Bullion Gold & Silver Premier Services:

1. Personal Delivery in Houston:

When our clients buy gold and silver in Houston, we meet our clients at a secure and mutually agreed upon location. However, when clients buy over $25,000 of gold and silver in Houston, we will personally deliver the gold and silver to your home or place of work in Houston. This is a service no other Houston precious metals dealer provides and is one of the reasons why our clients believe we have the best customer service in town.

2. Strategic Investment Consultations in Houston:

When our clients buy gold and silver in excess of $10,000, we offer a complimentary strategic investment consultation with our President, Josh Renfro. Unfortunately, most Houston coin shops, local dealers, and online dealers treat customers simply as a transaction, selling you whatever brings the best commission. In our investment consultations, Josh will start with your investment objectives, assess your current financial situation, determine your basic risk tolerance, and lay out the options that best fit your current financial situations. If desired, Josh will walk you through the fundamental and economic reasons for your investment and discuss your exit strategy.

3. Place Convenient Phone Orders in Houston:

When buying gold and silver in Houston, our clients have the freedom to call us, lock in a price, and order at that particular time. Most Houston coin shops and dealers require you, as an investor, to be physically present at their store or present payment before buying your gold and silver. At Lone Star Bullion, we value both your time and flexibility, therefore, we try to make the process of buying gold and silver as easy as possible when you buy from Lone Star Bullion.

4. Place Strategic Automatic Buy and Sell Orders in Houston:

When buying gold and silver in Houston, clients can request us to set up an automatic buy or sell order for a particular amount of gold or silver. As an example, let’s say that as an investor, you believe silver will fall from $35 to $30 an ounce over the next few days. However, you believe the correction will be short-term and there is a high probability you will miss the correction by simply watching the spot price on a daily basis.

Lone Star Bullion has a hedging system in which we can place automatic buy or sell orders at designated spot prices authorized by you, as the investor. With this system, if you select a buy price of $30 an ounce and silver only hits this price for 3 seconds, you are guaranteed to get this price. This type of precision and strategic investment planning is not available anywhere else in Houston.

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